Jogging With My Parents for the Very First Time


It’s Christmas and New Year holiday break of 2016. So I got the chance and was planning for jogging on one Monday. But the weather was not cooperative due to Typhoon Nina which directly hits Bicol area that slightly affects Metro Manila. Then, on the next day, still the same kind of weather with continuous rain so I was not able to do my early morning jogging again. Come up the night seems like the weather improves proving the declaration in the news that typhoon Nina is already gone in the Philippines is right. My first jogging after taking a holiday break from work is now near going to happen.

Tuesday night before going to sleep, I dropped by to my parents’ bed telling them that my back is aching, fondling and teasing them to rub my back with oil. My father did the honor (Pa, I’ll give your favourite beer or wine! Haha!). Then, I suddenly realize that I need to sleep early to wake up early blurting out to them that I’m going for jogging. My mother heard it and she looks interested to join me. I was happy that my mother would join me and at the same time it was good for her to have some exercise.

The night is over and the next day came. I woke up early still sleepy but I still push through knowing I have a buddy, my mother. And then, a miracle came! (Haha!). Why am I laughing? My mother invites my father and without hesitations, he put his shoes (not fit for running actually) and joined us. Then, I said to myself, “Is this true? Oh! I really can’t believe it.” Knowing my father, he just easily bored with different things. He just works on our house, fixed things that need to be fixed. He just watch basketball and “Probinsyano” (a teleserye weekday nights hit in the Philippines) on TV. Jogging is like he never done before and maybe in his entire life.

Papa’s joining also leads us to new discoveries. We decided to take around the park and I was amazed to see the front and beauty of Sto. Cristo Parish Church which I only seen the back of this church for a long time everytime I jog there. But above all this amazement, it is the presence of my parents jogging with me in the park that makes me feel so wonderful. I thought of jogging alone and did not initially invite them. It was all unexpected and God surprises me. I just feel the love of God through my parents. I may not have pictures to show being with them on that fateful day, but I will never forget that short amount of joyful time with them. Because that moment was so precious! No such things or no amount of money can be greatly than that. Bonding with my parents is priceless.

Friends, appreciate the presence of your loved ones. Because we will never know how long they will stay in this world. The only great thing that we can do is to show our love for them and feel their love too. Drop everything and cherish the moment with them. It’s never too late unless you do. Say “I love you”, hug them, serve them, give them gifts, or make time for them. Love your family, your parents, your siblings, your friends, your relatives and your neighbors.

“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord, your God is giving you.”

-Exodus 20:12

P.S. It happened again last February 26, 2017 and this time with my eldest sister Gena. Then, we attended an unplanned mass at the Sto. Cristo Parish Church after jogging.

Live your life to the simplest,

Paul Anthony Empenado